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Educated. Exhibited. Experienced. Exploring Creative Wisdom

Professional Freelance Artist

As a child Rose traveled the continental USA with her family until settling in the small Northern

California village of Mendocino. The smell of fish mingled with damp fog, jagged coastline caressed by salty

breezes, tradition, time and ever-present love and care from God, family and good friends nurtured her along with the gift of art and writing. Studies carried her to universities in Chico and San Jose California and Honolulu Hawaii where technique and visual, mental and spiritual concepts were punched, pulled, poked, twisted and drawn from her as degrees in Fine Art were accomplished. Studies in Creative Writing, Iconology, Counseling and the Philosophy of artists (such as Antonio Gaudi) whose art contain spirit symbolized and alive - organic not only in form but message - brought validity and new life to her own work.

        Along-side those who live in fantasy and those who struggle with day to day survival on Hawaiian Islands. Accepted as a child transplanted (‘hanai’) into the family (‘ohana’) rich in color and culture … her art and writing drew hues and essence from island life and her European and Native American heritage.  Rose first established the work of ‘The Dove’s Eye’ in Hawaii along with three daughters as her accomplices in creativity and life (blessings in disguise).

        Migrating back to the mainland then heading Northwest, Rose and her art labor hand in hand with occupations of counsel and assistance to others through works of healing, inspiration, encouragement and administration. As an instrument through which art and the written word flow and draw the creative process from within, Rose links creator and observer ... all active participants in the life and significance of her art works, writings and care.

       As an accomplished Professional Freelance Artist and Writer, with works acclaimed in group and private collections and exhibits in the USA and internationally Rose presents art, the written word, and creation-care as a culmination, locution and courier of that which might not otherwise be conceived or visually embraced. Her work is a beginning to explore and a bridge to span … if there is a beginning within vast valleys that separate times, people and worlds where more exists to begin with than can be taken into account. A message of experience, relationship, care, development and growth unfolds and intertwines in unique visual and written communication … which endeavors to validate and encourage life. As her creative expressions come into focus they reveal images of visual and written symbolical and allegorical significance molded into existence through word, art and action. Universal and unseen imagery of love, compassion, creation, beauty, and timelessness combine with her heart and techniques to create unique and sensitive concepts - intense in quality and interpretation, yet gentle and nourishing to the eye, mind and heart. With Rose we continue the journey observing, exploring and creating images of the miracle and wonder around and before us.


Rose Burch

The Dove’s Eye Art Studio

207 Laskey Rd

Reedsport Oregon 97467




Master Exhibit CSU (CA)

Pencil w/ Silken Fabric Overlay (PC HI)



Since 1984-present Professional Freelance Art: Watercolor/Ink/Drawing/Mixed Media/Design/

Cards/Logos/Calligraphy/Ads/Arboretum Care/Writing (Story/Poetry/Lyrics)/Website Development /

Instructor Presenter ‘Awareness Thru Art’ Retreats (Honolulu/Hauula/Pearl City HI -

Sebastopol/Orange/La Jolla/San Diego CA - Reedsport OR)

The Dove’s Eye  (Self-Employed Business)- HI (1980-1987) ; CA(1988-2000) ; OR(2002-2021)


Since 2004-present Exhibitor - The Mind Power Gallery & The Dove’s Eye - Reedsport OR


Exhibitor - Judge’s & peoples choice Awards CDABA Art Challenge (Reedsport Then & Now) The Mind Power Gallery - Reedsport OR


Published Art Designer - Gonzalez Wedding Invitations - Reedsport OR (Santa Rosa CA)


Administrative Assistant - Accounting/Treasurer-Web-News (Design/Writing)-Lay leader-Kitchen Service-Reception-Art & Planning (Programs/Bulletins/Ads/Music Events/Reports (Quicken) - Memorials - MSWord/Publisher/Phone/Email/Door) United Presbyterian Church - Reedsport OR

Church Planning Committee Member - United Presbyterian Church - Reedsport OR


Calligrapher (quill pen/gold ink) Donor Placards - City Library - Reedsport OR

Exhibitor - CDABA (Coastal Douglas Arts & Business Alliance Inc) Lower Umpqua Hospital - Reedsport OR

Exhibitor - Mayor’s Art Award CDABA Art Challenge (Trees)The Mind Power Gallery - OR


Exhibitor CDABA (Coastal Douglas Arts & Business Alliance Inc)

Natural Food Store  - Reedsport OR

The Mind Power Gallery - Reedsport OR

Calligrapher (quill pen) Certificates for Oregon State Homesteads - Reedsport /Salem) OR


Exhibitor/Sales/Presentor - Tsalila Festival Reedsport OR


Administrative /Business Assistant & Receptionist (Caring Ministry/Deacons/Stephen Ministry Ads/News/Memorials/MSWord/Publisher/Phone/Email/Reports/Check Recording/Facility Scheduling)

La Jolla Presbyterian Church CA

Personnel Committee Member - La Jolla Presbyterian Church CA

Kitchen Volunteer (Sunday Night Homeless Dinners) Pacific Beach Presbyterian Church CA


Art Presentor & Planner - (altar presentations/hangings/programs/bulletins/ads/music events/memorials/

fine art/design/displays) La Jolla Presbyterian Church CA


Cultural Art Study (Tinos/Mykonos/Athens/Delphi/Greek Orthodox - Meteora Monastery ) Greece


Art Instructor - ‘Casa de las Campanas’ Senior Citizens’ - San Diego CA


House-Mother & Counselor-‘Care House’(Home for unwed mothers to be)San Diego CA


Instructor Art Day - Casa De Esperanza Orphanage - Tijuana Mexico

Tutor of English & Art for Mexican children - San Diego CA

Designer/Producer/Su-Chef (invitations/cards/calligraphy/foreign student/Garton Garden  assist) SD CA


Exhibitor - Nunez International Solo Exhibit/demo - Mission Hills, SD CA


Exhibitor/Presentor-Dostart Exhibit(solo exhibit/demo)University City CA

Virginia Strelow (solo exhibit/demo) Sebastopol CA


Published Designer -Wahoo International logo ‘Surfer’ Magazines (Sept issue) Oceanside CA

Published Presentor ‘Meditation the Watercolor Way’ (Video) - Hon HI

Exhibitor - AHA Annual Aloha Art Show - Pauahi Tower - Hon HI

Chinese Women of Hawaii Scholarship Benefit - Sheraton, Waikiki HI


Designer - Grace Baptist Church logo design - Orange CA

Muralist - Ola Hou Clinic - Pearl City HI


Instructor - Art with blind & terminally ill Individual - Hon HI


Muralist - “Pali” Private Collection Wahoo International - Del Mar CA

Fabric Design - Competition Award (used by company for fabric production) Hon HI

Instructor of Calligraphy - International School of Theology - Hon HI


Exhibitor - Peace Exhibit - Church of the Crossroads - Hon HI

Green Peace Exhibit - Hon HI

Wailoli Tea Room Christmas Exhibit - Manoa HI

Soho II Gallery Exhibit - Kahlihi HI

International College Exhibit (solo exhibit) - Hon HI

Soho II Gallery (solo exhibit) - Kahlihi  HI


Designer/Printer - Strelow card designs - Hauula HI

Furness card designs - Williams CA


Graduate Studies - Theology/Christian Education/Counseling

International Bible College and School of Theology - Hon HI


Exhibitor - Kahala Mall (solo exhibit) - Kahala HI

University of Hawaii Oceanography - UH Manoa HI


Freelance Art sales & Instructior - Honolulu HI

Counselor/Teaching Ministry/Art (Illustrations/Posters)

Greater Mt Zion Holiness Church-Hauula Hi


Instructor of Art (‘83-’84 DOE/GT Guest Program) Kailua High School HI

(Drawing/Watercolor) Foss School of Fine Arts - Hon HI


Exhibitor Instructor - Foss School of Fine Arts exhibit - Kahala Mall HI

Exhibitor Presentor - Renaissance Fair, Kaneohe HI

Exhibitor - The Artist’s Gallery (solo exhibit) - Waikiki, Hon HI

Hawaii Watercolor Society 20th Exhibit - Hon HI

A.S. Interior Decorators Living Art Exhibit - Amphac, Hon HI


Published Illustrator - ‘Common Ground’ magazine illustrations - Hon HI

Gallery Attendant - The Artist’s Gallery - Hon HI


Published Art Designer - Pacific Arts serigraphs(Hand Painted)limited editions-Hon HI

Published Writer/Illustrator-“Wings~’Eheu’ (book written/illustrated/copy write: Library of Congress, Washington D.C.)- Hon HI

‘Today’s Best Poems’ - Sacramento CA

Published Contributing Artist - Honolulu Magazine serigraphs Hon HI


Graduate Study -“Right Brain” creative activity) University of Hawaii, Manoa - Hon HI


Masters in Fine Art - California State University - Chico CA

Graduate Fine Art Studies - CSU - San Jose CA


instructor of Art (Watercolor/Calligraphy/Figure drawing) College of the Redwoods

Mendocino Art center CA

Instructor/Presentor - Artist Theories Course - Mendocino Presbyterian Church CA

Assistant Leader - Youth Group - Mendocino Presbyterian Church CA

Designer - Mendocino Lithographer’s (note cards) Ft. Bragg CA

Lenten Series Art - Mendocino Presbyterian Church - Mendocino CA


Ba in Fine Art (Studio Arts/history/Creative Writing/Physiology/Art In Child Development) CSU Chico CA


Muralist - CSU Pre School - Chico CA & Upstairs Gallery - Downtown Chico CA


Study in Watercolor (Watercolorist Warren Zimmer) Mendocino CA

1967 & 69

Academic Study in Art - Lassen Community College - Susanville CA


Undergraduate Study (Art/Speech/Creative Writing/Psychology) Humboldt CSU - Arcata CA


Published annual Designer/Illustrator/Editor Mendocino Union High School CA

Illustrator -‘Book of Marks’ (ink illustrations) Mendocino CA


High School Honors Graduate – Mendocino Union Hgh School CA

(Annual & Newspaper Editor/Marching Band/Glee Club/Interscholastic Speech/GAA)