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Red Bud & Cherry


The Doves Eye

Embracing Creation & Creator… Creatures & Cultures … Healing & Peace

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Precious Is The Gift of Life


Colours of Light

Christmas  Sunrise
Thanksgiving  Sunrise
Golden Light

Rose Love

Autumn Scarlet
Blue Iris
Salmon Ladder
Burgundy Faces Rhody

Raspberry Delight

Raspberry Rhody

Charleston Star

Orange Ruffles

Rhody Peach

Peach Rhody

Christmas  Sunrise

Golden Light

Thanksgiving  Sunrise

Spring Green

Scarlet Autumn

Reflections of Passion

Burgundy Faces

Salmon Ladder

Blue Iris

Rose Ruffles

“The Spirit Within is Transformed & Transforming by The Creator’s Own Spirit “

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The Dove’s Eye

Rose Burch -Master in Fine Art

Reedsport Oregon

The Mindpower Gallery

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